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Office Policies and Registration


To simplify your first visit, you may download and print a registration packet for your in-person appointment! You can fill it out at home and then fax it to us at 845-452-9751 or bring the completed form with you on your initial visit. Please find the form below: 

Registration Packet

Covid-19 is of greatest concern for transmission to the immune-compromised and the elderly. To help reduce the risk of transmission we will offer Telehealth visits.

If you have scheduled a virtual appointment, please make sure to fill out the Digital Registration form. 


The visit will be a communication between you and the doctor. They will take your history, handle your questions, send prescriptions, and order appropriate tests. They may also let you know if this is a situation that needs a live presence. 


At the end of the call the doctor will check you out, complete their note and have the staff follow upwith further appointments and the usual authorizations if needed. 

We hope these measures will keep everyone safe and healthy during this difficult but hopefully brief period of inconvenience. 

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